09 June 2014


- Every word of Lisa Jo's post "Why I write about motherhood" is music to my ears. I have thought about this so many times, how I'm able to fully understand God's love and sacrifice now that I have a child.
I write about motherhood because it’s where I understand why Jesus would have died for me and why the Father would have sent Him. It’s the place of Cheerios stuck to the sides of bowls and self sacrifice on repeat with the loads of laundry. A parent will always lay down their life for their child. Jesus loves me this I know, for my children teach me so.
- Oh man, this.is.hilarious. Kristen hits the nail on the head, again.
Before you have kids, you think it's the diapers or the late nights or the mortification of trading in your car for a minivan. But really, it's the mind games. It's the daily, hourly micro-aggressions involved in living with totally volatile and irrational people.
- 11 wonderful thoughts for the most wonderful (and wonderfully challenging) job in the world. 
Having watched thousands of children grow into adulthood, what sometimes seems like a big deal at four-months old or 14-years old may be no more than a small bump in the road. Children have taught me how to take the long view of life. When we step back and see the big picture of our lives, we discover wisdom and compassion.
I'd love to know: what are some things you've been reading on the web lately? 

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