11 June 2014

Not Perfect, Better

Motherhood is funny, you know that? It's beautiful, and magical, and glorious. But at the end of the day, it's downright hilarious.

Of course there are the things you never thought you'd say, like "stop picking your nose," and "stop picking the cat's nose." There's things you never thought you'd see, like your newborn baby boy peeing in his own face and you're helpless because, frankly, you can't stop laughing. And there are things you never thought you'd do, like sneaking in to your son's room, ninja style, to trim him toenails while wearing a head lamp (because that's just downright brilliant).

Somewhere between the smiles of wonder and tears of exhaustion lives what I think is the most important lesson of motherhood.

Don't take it too seriously.

For example, this.

A moment enjoyed by a family. A wonderful weekend of memory-making. A father so happy. A mother so proud. And a child that just couldn't keep it together.

What you don't see behind us is a farm tractor that we so horribly ripped our son away from in an attempt to get a beautiful family photo.

It's not quite what I was hoping for. It's like a million times better.

Oh! There is the second most important lesson about motherhood - it's not always what we expect, but it's always way, way better.

Motherhood is funny. There are so many things about motherhood that will bring you to tears if you let them, but don't let them. Laugh instead. Ask for God's grace and patience instead. Thank Him instead. He's given you a beautiful, messy, blessed, hilarious life!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is all so true. And we've had many a great family photo where one particular toddler was not having it. Hahaha... they are just hilarious.

    Also - I need a headlamp. Definitely.

  2. Haha you're so funny, and so true!! I found your blog a couple of days ago and I just can't stop reading ever since. I have a beatiful one year old daughter who is my whole life, so I can relate to all yur stories... those frustrations, funny stories, tears and happy moments motherhood brings to our lives (let's just forget that day when a litle splash of pooh reached my lips...I was sooo tired I didn't even get upset). Motherhood changes us for good and I love this new US.
    Congratulations for this blog of yours, you're doing a great job ;)


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