30 June 2014

What are you drinking?

A huge part of my new mission has been to increase my water throughout the day. At first it was super hard (because it was a lot of water than I was used to and I spent a lot of time in the potty). But after a while it becomes a more natural part of your routine.

So, what am I drinking?

In the morning I usually have 1-2 cups of coffee. Typically it's just the usual cheap stuff out of the pot at work, but I recently made cold brew coffee and love it. I followed the Pioneer Woman's recipe (and cut it in half because it seriously makes a ton of coffee). I fill a mason jar with ice, then fill half with the coffee concentrate and top it with unsweetened almond milk. Have you tried almond milk? And coffee totally counts toward your water requirements. Just saying.

I've been getting a little tired of plain water, so I've added decaf green tea into the mix. The night before, I pour hot water in that jar and let it steep overnight in the fridge with two teabags. I take it to work in the morning and stick it in the fridge. I don't sweeten it (not a very sweet girl I guess). Fun fact, there are tons of benefits to drinking green tea each day.

Obviously. During my work day, I try to drink two Nalgenes worth of water (about 64 ounces). I like really cold water, so I fill it up when I get to work and pop it in the fridge. I try to have the first one done by around 3pm. I fill up again and take the rest on my drive home to finish in the car or with dinner. In addition to my trusty water bottle, I drink a full glass of water in the morning, usually one at dinner, and then water throughout and after my walk/run in the evening.

And what's been happening?

Like a race horse to be specific. I would say the first two weeks of being more intentional with my water I spent a lot of time in the potty, but my pee time has dropped a bit now that it's become a normal part of my day. Interested to know what your pee says about your health? I thought this was pretty interesting.

Ewww? More like awww! I 100% believe that drinking more water has been the ticket to improving my IBS symptoms (along with adding more yogurt, veggies, and flax to my diet). Healthy potty habits makes such a big difference (take it from me, I know!). When you're regular, your tummy feels better, your whole body feels better, and frankly, you're just happier!

I can tell a difference in the health of my skin now that I've upped the H20. It's healthier, glowier. My eczema flares haven't been as dramatic lately, either.

Here are a few more benefits of drinking water.

What am I limiting/not drinking?

I'm trying so hard to just let it go. It's gross and we don't need it.

I love juice, but the cheap stuff is full of yucky artificial crap and the good stuff is pricey and then I drink it all in one sitting.

I'm trying to limit alcohol to the weekends. I know that sounds funny, but during the week I really want to focus on working out and maintaining my energy levels. On the weekend I have a bit more time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine on the porch.

So, what can you do?

- Buy a water bottle you love and take it everywhere.
- Set water goals throughout the day.
- Limit other beverages like soda, juice, and alcohol and see them as treats, not the norm.
- If you love juice like me, put just a splash in a glass of ice water for a little flavor but not all the sugar.
- Set a reminder on your phone.
- Keep track in your planner.
- And sometimes, if I find it's getting into the evening and I haven't had much water, I just chug-a-lug and down a big glass or two.

Any advice on getting your 8 glasses a day?


  1. I love the Pioneer Woman's coldbrew coffee! We're serving it at my wedding!

  2. I have been trying so hard to make iced coffee at home. And I hate it. Yuck. Everyday. And I just want to go to Starbucks. But, I will keep trying to make it the way I like it.

    Great post - I drank a ton more water when I was working (it was part of my ritual to fill up my water bottle) I need to be better about it now.


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