01 July 2014

Sam Selfies and a note about Toddler Tech Time

We try hard to limit Sams exposure to our phones with a few exceptions: when we are face timing with our family, I need just a few seconds to get something done, or, like the picture above shows, he finds it while I'm not looking.

My husband will be the first person to tell you that I leave my phone all over the place. Pretty much wherever I am when I finish a call or am done looking at something, I just put it down and walk away. The bathroom, Sam's changing table, on the washing machine, whatever.

So of course, Sam sometimes finds it and loves to talk to pretend he's talking to Nana and Pops pup, Jesse (the love of his life). Recently I've been finding about a hundred photos and movies that's he accidentally taken. Like his little foot on our living room rug.

It's so hard to balance technology time with little ones. I can give Sam my phone and buy a little time, but at what cost? It's a little scary how instinctual it all seems to be for little ones. Sam knows how to swipe the screen and push the button for Siri.

How do you manage the technology thing with your kids? Do you allow them to play with your phone or Ipad? What limits have you set for them? I'd love to hear what works well for your family.


  1. Hey Laura,

    I remember going through sort of this same thing with our son when he was that age. The Kindle Fire is actually a great technology tool, we found, because it offers Kindle "Free Time", where you can set limits for what, and how long, your child can play or use the device. Our son has his own now, and we've actually had no issues with overuse, and he can pretty much self-regulate when and what he plays (especially since we can control the content). I think there's a great opportunity to turn a mobile device, especially a tablet, into an educational tool rather than just entertainment.

    For grad school, I did a research project on the benefits of tablet devices in early childhood and was surprised at the positivity that the research showed. Here's the link to my recent post (and it includes a link to a Prezi with the research I did): http://millennialdad.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/is-technology-good-for-your-kid/

  2. Henry doesn't really play with the phones much, but we have been checking out these little portable video devices from the library that tell stories in video. They have been awesome to use in the car and store.

    Now television is another story. My little man is sort of addicted to Thomas. Summer helped a little, but I struggle with turning it off. (Which is extra strange since Ryan and I rarely watch tv.)


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