23 July 2014

Playing it Safe

First, let me say that I think I get far too much crafty credit. My friends think I am way more crafty than I am.

Second, I play it far too safe when it comes to crafting. I've always been this way. I can't remember ever drawing outside the lines, nor did I get creative with colors in my coloring books. The elephant was always gray. The tree was always green. No crazy purple pigs.

I shy away from things I have never done because I've never done them before. I buy the supplies and then get nervous.

I'm not one to be able to teach myself. I have a hard time following written directions and have not had great success with youtube videos.

I second-guess my talents and take very few creative risks.

I stick to what I know.

But, I am dying to be more creative. I would love to learn something new. Try something exciting - I might fail, but I also might be really good at it.

So, what is your craft of choice? For me, I make jewelry that I don't like wearing and I cross stitch because it's kind of hard to mess up, although I do and sometimes have to get creative, sometimes.

Are you local thinking "hey, I do something fun?" Will you teach me??

And do you play it safe like me? What can you do to challenge yourself creatively?

Last, would you like me to try a new craft and share on my blog? I'd be all up for a little accountability (and some funny pictures I'm sure).

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