03 July 2014

Run, Run, Run

I used to hate runners. I know that "hate" is a strong feeling, but I really did feel quite passionate about my dislike of the whole concept of running. Most of my friends have always been runners and they would talk about it and I would roll my eyes.

But I will tell you, I think they were on to something.

I completed day 2 of Couch to 5k last night, and I know it's not much, but really, it's more than I've ever done.

I've tried running on a treadmill before and it was a disaster - I am not made to run inside. Running outside has been amazing. The breeze, the birds, selling hello to neighbors, watching the changing scenery. It's inspiring, really. I try to spend some time while I'm walking (because I can barely breath when I'm running) to pray. I've been asking God for strength because I don't think I would be on this journey without Him. I ask him for confidence in trying new things. I ask Him to help me see myself the way He sees me - as a work of beauty, not perfect, but intentionally designed in His image.

I've been following along with the Made to Crave bible plan through the YouVersion app. It's been life-giving! It speaks directly to my dependence on food and has helped me see what dependence on Christ can look like instead of turning to food.

I went to a weight-lifting class last week (and am still so sore, but a good sore). One of the instructors, while we were struggling with the last few reps said to not give up, because this is where the change happens. So true. Change happens now, not in a few months or when you get around to it or after this or that. Change happens in the small choices we make every single day.

What is one small change that you can make today?

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