19 September 2014

A Small, Cozy House

I love our small home. And I love reading about why others' love their small homes.

I love this post by The Prairie Homestead. Jill makes so many great points, but I love how she mentions that living in a small home is easier to decorate. And how true that is! I love filling our cozy home with artwork, creative images, trinkets. I love to be surrounded by things on the walls. 

Ashley at the Vanilla Tulip has a whole feature on her small space. She talks a lot about how she's constantly changing things up in her home to make her furniture work best.

Things I love about my small home:
- It's quick to clean 
- My family is always close
- Decorations make a big impact in the small space
- It's easy to find the cat (I can't image having any more nooks and crannies for her to hide)
- A few small candles fill the whole home with a great smell and happy glow
- It always has a warm, welcoming feeling
- Small improvements make a big difference
- Cozy, cozy, cozy (my favorite thing ever)
- I can always hear when Sam hollers "mommy, hep pees"

Do you live in a small house? What do you love about it?

A few of my favorite views

And of course, my favorite family

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  1. Those are the cutest decor vignettes! I love little thoughtful arrangements that mean something!


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