24 September 2014

Clutter (part 2)

...If I see one more printable cleaning schedule on Pinterest I just might puke (and then who will clean that up?).

But seriously, I feel like I'm going back and forth between two extremes: being organized and being present.

Last week I shared some thoughts on clutter, and specifically clearing clutter. I referenced a blog post that encourages us to clear clutter so that we can further "operate out of joy." And I want that, don't you?

But at what cost?

So often, when I'm stuck over a sink of dirty dishes or stuffing the washing machine too full, and I'm getting frustrated, I often tell myself that these are the things my family needs, I'm serving my family with my acts of cleaning.

But after I cleaned up Sam's trains for the millionth time this weekend (because our neighbor was stopping by), I thought... I'm not doing this for my family, I'm doing this for appearances.

Oh geez. Now what?

How do I balance wanting to serve my family well and give them a comfortable, clean space, and still be present with them in that space (instead of forcing myself into some chore and missing out on quality time)? How do I balance organizing because my mind works best in an organized space with my need to present my home perfectly when a guest walks in the door?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Oh it's such a balance, isn't it?! I remember feeling exasperated at the gazzillions of legos and trains and cars and pillow forts and cleaning them up everyday. I felt like I needed to have a "company ready" space and, at that time, I felt that meant all toys away and no dishes in the sink. Then, a wise mama mentor said the words I have never, ever forgotten: " one day the pillow forts won't be there and you will miss them. These seasons are so very short". I was completely and utterly stopped in my tracks that day. It was meant as an encouraging word, and it so was. But it also gave me some perspective. I knew those pillow fort days would be short lived. I changed my idea of what a "company ready" space looked like for us in our season of little littles. I decided I could still have a clean house, but that we did indeed live here. I could have a dusted house, clean dishes and a swept up floor, but the toys could stay (within reason). Cleaning up at the end of the day was still needed for the most part, but sometimes those little trains and cars that found themselves tucked into book shelves and corners were allowed to stay. They served as reminders that the seasons were short and that it was OK to look like a young child lived in our house, because he did! ;)


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