05 November 2014

Getting Away

This past weekend, Kyle and I got away for a bit and took a trip to the mountains. We're only about 2 hours from Ashville, so we left right after work and get there for cocktail time.

Kyle's parents graciously volunteered to watch Sam - it was my first time away from him ever. I have been with him every night (or with him in my belly) every day for 2 years and 9 months. Crazy!

I don't think he missed us.

Kyle and I had such a great time. We ate our way through Asheville and has some of the best meals I can remember. I will crave the brussel sprouts from Wicked Weed for the rest of my life.

We are so not picture people, but we did manage to capture this cute little selfie before our brewery tour. Kyle with his new old man hat. Me with my poor attempt at wavy hair. Gosh, I'm so glad we found each other.

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