28 June 2011

Finding God

I have found that God is often in the little things. In the delicate things. In the things we sometimes overlook. In the challenges that make us stronger.
I have found God in many, many things and people and situations.
Where have you found God?
A few months ago I wrote about my experience volunteering at Room at the Inn, a local church-turned homeless shelter during the coldest winter months. I had always been afraid of the homeless and avoided them at all costs. I didn't want to look them in the eye for fear they might talk to me. I did not want to talk to them.

My time at Room at the Inn change me. Rather, God used this time to change my heart. I formed relationships with the people I met I met and saw them as just that, people. God's people.
Last week I found God walking home from dinner. Coming out of the restaurant, I usually take a left to go home (the quickest way). But instead, that evening, I walked right and then down a busy street in our college town.
I immediently saw a man I recognized from the shelter. He was sitting against a building asking for money. He asked me. I said I didn't have any and kept walking.
But something stired in me and I turned back around. I remembered how God brought about a love and compassion for the homeless in my community, and now he was calling me to go back.
"I'm not sure if you remember me, but my husband and I met you at the methodist church this winter. We played cards together."
He remembered right away. We shook hands and re-introduced ourselves.
I found God last week in Michael.
We talked for a while. I asked him how he was feeling and if he was finding places to stay.
He said he had already eaten so I promised to take him to dinner next time we met.
I smiled the whole (longer) way home, amazed that, yet again, God gave me the courage and the push to reach out to His people.
Where have you found God?


  1. I love that story! Thank you so much for sharing. Finding God... everywhere right now. It' just been that kind of month!:)

  2. what a beautiful story. you are brave! i think most people avoid homeless people, including myself. next time in detroit, i need to be open to God's promptings.

  3. Loved your story! Since working with what many call the untouchables or marginalized of society I have seen so much of God in their lives. I saw Bri (a homeless man we know) outside the liquor store I was walking past the other day and talked to him for a bit- I am always amazed at how eyes light up with joy when they are seen as a person.
    God cares so much for those that many of society think of as not worthy of time of day- I think we will be so surprised in heaven as to who we will see there and what place they will have in the Kingdom of God-

  4. When i tell people this they often think I'm silly. But every squirrel I see is a reminder to me of God being there and comforting me. It started my freshmen year of college someone commented that they always saw squirrels around me on campus. I jokingly told them "Squirrels are how I know Jesus loves me" but then it seemed that anytime i was on campus and angry or upset that thought would come to me and then I'd see a squirrel and it was like God saying "Hey! No anger allowed I am here!" It never fails either, if i'm grumpy or upset and often on the way to church I will suddenly see a squirrel (or sometimes 5!) it seems silly but to me its a tap on the heart from God


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