25 January 2012

Day 25: Journaling Through January

What is your favorite movie and why? What are movies you'd like to see this year?

[please feel free to share in the comments!]


  1. Favorite movie is a tough one! Husband and I are HUGE movie buffs so it is hard to pin it down to one. We love all of the LOTR movies, Just Married is an all time fave, ELF, Harry Potter series, ummm... the list could go on and on :]
    I am looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games in March!! Can't wait.
    Très bien

  2. i think my favorite movie is Life is Beautiful--i have seen that when i was still in the Philippines..it soo inspiring, you could tell just by its title (: so i would want to watch that again hopefully with my husband. this year i would like to watch October Baby this Spring.


  3. Frida. The movie was more than a visual experience, seems you felt you were in mexico. And beautiful storytelling

  4. I think my favorite movie is Amelie with Audrey Tatou. Its such a cute movie and from there grew my love of photobooths.


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