30 April 2012

Lifting Up Our Voices in Prayer

I lift up these requests to you oh Lord, you who knows the true prayers of our hearts.

Tiffany: "I would like to ask you to pray for my mom Vonda. She is just going through a rough phase and I no longer know how to help her. So I decided that in addition to my own prayers I am going to ask others to lift her up in prayer in hopes that things improve."

Rachel: Rachel works at a Christian academy abroad and has needed to raise her own support to finance this opportunity. "All the staff raise their own support to serve here, and this year my support has basically bottomed out. Pledged supporters haven't been able to keep up with their commitments, and I am desperately seeking new financial supporters to partner with me and invest in the work of educating and raising up tomorrow's history makers. I would very much appreciate prayers for rest, good health, peace of heart and mind knowing that God is walking with me through this next month. That the joy of the Lord would be my strength, and also that He would place people in my life who have the desire and the means to support me financially in my ministry."

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