08 May 2012

15 Weeks

Sharing some photos from a weekend wedding and celebrating one more week with my little one. 

And although you can barely see a bump (looks more like one-too-many cheeseburgers), I can see it and feel it and I get giddy when I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Even though the peace of last week remains, I still find myself worrying. We are in a huge season of transition right now. A part of me wishes that I could look a few months ahead and see a snapshot of our life. It doesn't have to show too many details. It could be blurry and everything. But just to know that we are safe, in a home, provided for. 

But life doesn't give us those snapshots I'm afraid. Our trust is in the Lord-- we have always been and will always be provided for. I am putting my faith in that.

"This is how we know that we love the children of God; by loving God and carrying out his commands." 1 John 5:2

I pray that I can be an example of faith to my child. I will be transparent with my struggles, my sin, my worry and anxiety. But hopefully I can also be an example of triumph. Or rather, how the Lord triumphantly saves.

I've still feeling pretty good. Appetitie is a bit funny again, though. Dinner is just not a fun meal anymore. Meat? No way. Veggies? Eww. Pasta or rice? Ok. Ice cream? Two helpings please.

We went to the doctor and heard the tiny heartbeat again. Beautiful music is what that is. I had all my questions written down for my doctor and got them answered, but it's funny that as soon as we head back to the car I have a million more. I am able to email my doctor, but I try to space them out as to not look too crazy.

Crazy in love with this baby that is.


Happy 15 weeks little one. You're the size of an apple now, and even though we've never formally met, you're the absolute apple of my eye. You are growing longer this week and you can move all your little limbs. I'm counting down the days until I can feel you kick and move around in my belly.

You're daddy and I can't wait to meet you. Your daddy is excited that you will love his beard and cry at all the other daddies without beards (some of the little ones at our small group don't like daddy's beard because their daddies don't have beards. I think the best daddies have beards).

We're so excited to teach you things. The two of us can paint together and be creative. And did you know that your daddy knows all the different types of leaves on all the trees? He will teach you, too. 

We'll teach you how to ride a bike and to not be afraid of bees like I am. And we'll do those things that we always said we should do but never did, like camping, and taking road trips, and going on more picnics. I guess we just wanted to do them with you.

We'll be serious sometimes. But mostly we'll probably be silly. Silly in love with you!


  1. Such a cute little baby bump already! I wasn't showing til like 18 weeks - but your little peanut is already wanting to be seen!!! So beautiful.

  2. Such a sweet post! I love that you get giddy when you see your baby bump in the mirror :) we will also have a most likely huge transition in the next year and i too wish so badly that I could just get some sort of idea of what it's going to look like. It is hard to completely five it over to God. Praying you are able to! Also, that is hilarious about your hubby's beard. Our future kids will have a bearded daddy too :)

  3. awww!! I love your letter to the baby!! The "I guess we were just wanted to do them with you." made me get a bit teary. (It is just so beautiful!!) :)
    PS I love your teeny tiny bump!!! And your dress!! You look so cute!!
    And I 100% agree with you of wanting a snapshot of my life a little bit down the road just to know that everything is going to be okay.

  4. EEK! SO sweet!! I am SO excited for you! :)

  5. What a sweet letter! Baby kicks are seriously the best. I'm so happy every single time I feel my baby kick!

    And you are so tiny! Looking forward to seeing your bump grow!

  6. So, so sweet! All my mom could stomach when she was pregnant with me were chocolate milkshakes! I'm fine with that!

  7. You are so sweet!!!! Love it!

  8. What a lovely post! I adore your letter to your baby...what a sweet thing for them to read someday :)

  9. So sweet! Love your dress & your cute little baby bump. :)

  10. So sweet. I'm so happy for you.

  11. that is really nice to hear=)

  12. i am so happy that you and your family are doing good! congratulations to your baby bump :) God bless!

  13. You are adorable, and definitely glowing! Congrats on the little one :)



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