21 May 2012

Lifting Our Voices in Prayer

We bring you these prayers Lord. Prayers spoken out loud and prayers in our hearts.

Red: My son, his wife and two beautiful boys have come into some hard times.  They will be moving in with us in a couple of weeks.  We as parents love them all so much . It's not just us, we have another son and a 13 year old grandson already with us. I just need strength and enough patience to be up for this task upon us. I am also having tough times at my job and that is so stressful already.  I want to welcome them with open arms and b the mother I should I just feel I need some extra help.

Colleen have two pretty big ones this week, about 6 weeks ago I flipped my car, I have a TBI and am having trouble healing my brain, the injury has also caused debilitating migraine headaches, I know God can and will perform miracles, so I am praying for a healing miracle! 

The other one is I just ended a serious relationship, and this seems trivial, but my heart is so broken, I really thought that this was the guy I was going to marry, I struggle with wondering if God really has someone out there for me, so I want to be content in my singleness.

Me: My husband leaves for a job interview on Tuesday. It's a good job, perfect for him, perfect for our growing family. Just pray that he will be confident in his abilities, able to articulate his skills, and satisfied with a job well done when he returns.


  1. My heart aches with you colleen. I pray for peace and comfort for all three of you. I am so happy Jesus cares so deeply for each of us!

  2. Today, life is an everyday struggle :( I am sorry some have to struggle through... But all we can do is try to make it worth the struggle for our chilren ... My concept that seems to work for me is to keep my mind occupied with my son.Not to worry about the other things. In times of struggle, I put my life in God's hands...It makes all the dfferance...Just pray....It will all work out, It always does. I will pray for your family, I really hope all works out good! God Bless you!


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