19 June 2012

21 Weeks

Last week was a big one. We got to learn if we would have a little miss or mister.

Mister it is! Baby D is a boy!

My little man!

I'm starting to feel this little boy kick and squirm a lot more-- and I love it! I've been able to feel him move around in there for a while, but a few nights ago was the first time I actually put my hand on my belly and felt him move. It was so surreal. To know that there is a little tiny human in there, our tiny human, is unbelievable.

"But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith." 1 Timothy 6: 11-12

There are so many things I want our little boy to learn and know and hold on to. To run from evil and cling like the dickens to the Lord his Savior. To be strong and gentle. To be confident and humble. To be fair and loving.

I can only pray that Kyle and I will teach our little boy these things, and not necessarily through our words, but through our actions and our examples. Lord, let our lives be an example of your love every day, in all things, big and little.


You're a boy baby D! Now, I know this isn't news to you, but I'm pretty darn excited about it!

You know what? As happy as I am to be having a little boy, I think I'm almost more excited that your grandpa (my daddy) is getting a grandson. I'm an only child and although my dad did lots of cool stuff with me (like going camping, and playing catch, and going fishing), I know that he is excited to do those things with you, too! 

By now you know how much I'm looking forward to being a mommy. But I'm also so excited for your daddy to become a daddy and watch him take care of and love you. This weekend there was a tiny bird trapped in a window. He was trying to get out but couldn't find his way. And you know what your big, strong daddy did? He calmed that little birdie down and held him gently in his hands and walked him outside and let him fly free. I guess I tell you that so you know the kind of daddy you're getting. He always puts others before himself, even tiny little birdies. He will be your greatest role model baby D, and between you and me, you're getting one of the best.

I also can't wait to watch our parents become grandparents. Did you know that you're the first grandchild? Our parents did such a great job raising us, but of course I don't remember what they were like when I was little, changing my diapers and reading me stories. I can't wait to see them get to know you and teach you and spoil you silly.

Your birth is going to change a lot of lives. It will turn two people into parents, four people into grandparents, two people into aunts, one person into an uncle. You will cause our family to shift and adjust and grow and expand. We will never, ever be the same once you're born. We will only be better. For every breath and hiccup and dirty diaper and 3am feeding, we will be such better people because you came into our lives.


  1. That was so beautiful. He is going to be one lucky little guy with all that love surrounding him! So happy for you guys!


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