04 June 2012

Lifting Our Voices in Prayer

Father, we bring you these prayers. We raise them up. Be with your daughters, Lord.

MelodyI would ask for prayer for my daughter, son in law and granson. Who have heard the call to leave everything behind here at home and commit to a two year mission position in Veinna, Austria. 

Right now they only live a half and hour away and I see my grandson weekly, this will be an adjustment for us all and I pray that  God bless their mission, they would get the support/funding they need (they are in charge of all finance) and for strength for me, as I watch them leave the security of home. I will miss them so very much, but am so totally proud of them for listening to God and dropping their nets to follow him.

Jennifer: I would appreciate it if you'd add my husband and I to your list. We're facing a couple of challenges. Nothing major or that we can't survive, but it is adding stress and causing tension. I have some health issues that I battle, and stress is not good for me. Please pray for peace, strength and wisdom!

KateFor my husband's 2nd interview to go great on Monday and for favor and wisdom! His interview is at 1pm AZ time.

SaraBaby before Thursday (cesarean day)! I really want to have Rosie naturally.

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