07 August 2012

28 Weeks

We're in the home stretch, the 3rd trimester!

I went to the doctor yesterday -- my first appointment here in North Carolina -- and every looks and sounds good. I had the initial glucose test. I started drinking the sweet, sweet orange drink they gave me and at first I thought "this isn't bad, it's actually almost good." And then it hit me. Oh the faces I must have been making in the waiting room.

Not sure if it was the sugar or my nerves waiting to meet a new doctor, but the baby was doing backflips as we waited. I passed the time by watching my stomach change shapes and poke in and out.

We took the first cracks at the nursery this week. Well, Kyle has. I'm supervising and dreaming of the color and design scheme. He's doing the manual labor of painting the changing table and rocking chair. He's so good to us!

It's so strange to see a room in shambles, paint everywhere, dresser drawers strewn about, and knowing that in a few short months we will be in there, holding our little man, loving on him.

Three months seems like such a long time, but I know it will fly by. If it's like the first two trimesters, it will be here before we know it.

I read a blog post today about "5 Things Every Mother Should Know." One of Beki's points is that you, the mother, knows best. She said "God gave your children the perfect mother for them."

"This is what the Lord says- your redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the Lord, the maker of al things, who stretches out the heavens, who spreads out the earth by myself..." Isaiah 44:24

At this point I don't feel so perfect. But God knows. And I trust that. He knows who I am, what I can do, and what I can become once this little baby is placed in my arms. Although my son is still growing, I'm already a mother -- He knows that and will help me know that, too.


Baby D, just three more months until you make your appearance!

Jupiter and I have been doing a lot of this lately. In the mornings, I sometimes don't feel very good, but that's ok. Jupiter keeps me company. But I'm not sure she knows what to make of my growing belly (or my shrinking lap)!

We started on your nursery. Daddy is painting up a storm getting ready for you! We've got lots of plans for your room and I need to keep reminding myself to take it one thing at a time. But I'm just so excited. I sure hope you like yellow!

Daddy started his job last week. He loves it. He will go there almost every day to work, and serve students, and make an impact in his field...and all those other great things. But he also goes there to provide for you and I. He's a really great daddy!

Oh, and we got your stroller this week too! Your great grandma got it for you. We put the cat in it just to try it out. She did not love it. Here's hoping you do!

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  1. You look beautiful! So excited for you and your upcoming arrival. I loved watching my belly move. Cracked me up. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the nursery.


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