29 September 2012

Real, Beautiful Ellen

I have attached a photo of a time when I felt beautiful.  This picture was taken in 2006.  My college friend Katie (the blond girl on the left) ha come to Winston to visit.....she lives in Deleware, so I don't get to see her much, so that was awesome (incidentally, I'm planning a trip up to see her in a couple of months to see her brand new baby.....rock on!).  As a side note, I totally don't look like this now.  :-)

I feel externally beautiful when my hair cooperates and when I'm wearing flowy skirts that hide my much-bigger-than-it-was-in-my-twenties belly.  :-)
I feel internally beautiful when I HELP SOMEONE.  It's very important to me to be in tune with those around me, be it friends or strangers (most of my family fall into the latter category)....I like to try and be what they need in happy times and in bad ones.  I like to encourage them, cook for them, and send them things.  We all need to know that someone thinks about us.


You're beautiful, inside and out, and I'd love to feature you here! Email me at laura.c.denlinger @ gmail . com with a photo of a time you felt really beautiful. Tell me what makes you feel beautiful and what makes you feel eternally beautiful. For more details go here.

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