24 January 2013

Because Things Can Always Be Better, Right?

Last night I saw a commercial for a car or a computer or something. It featured high tech products that were being made even fancier. They were faster, bigger, smaller, sleeker, better.

At the end of the commercial, in big bold letters, it said "because things can always be better."

I know this phrase appeared so prominently because, well, maybe people think that is true.

But I don't.

Some things can always be better. Wine/cheese/the like. My mom says meatloaf is better the next day.

But I think we're stuck on this hamster wheel where we're constantly looking for the next best thing, constantly thinking about how to get more.

This kind of thinking does nothing but lead us into discontentment with what we have and a lust for what we don't. For the next and then the next and then the next...

So I for one am not going to get sucked into their message that "things can always be better." My phone is just fine. So is my computer and car. My house is great and so is my closet.

You know what can always be better, where I need to put my focus? On my marriage, to continue to be the best helpmate I can. My friendship with Jesus. My parenting skills and my patience as a new mom. And not so much that these things can be better, but that they can grow and change and become even more beautiful.

My stuff, well, my stuff doesn't matter much anymore when you think of all those things.

Will you join me?

A Royal Daughter

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