29 January 2013

God's Reassurance

There's a phrase that I say to Sam about 100 times a day.

"You're ok."

I say it when I'm in the shower and he starts to fuss from his bouncy seat.

I say it when he's in his swing and I'm almost done making a bottle.

I say it when I rock him because he is so tired but just won't take a nap.

And it comes in many other forms.

"Sammy, you're alright."
"Mommy's coming Sam."
"Oh monkey, everything's ok."
"Samuel, I'm right here buddy."

I say these things as a way to try and calm him down. I want to communicate why I'm taking a little longer than he'd like or to explain why things are the way they are.

I say these things to reassure him.

He may not understand the words themselves, but my hope is that my calming tone or repetition of phrases will comfort him. I want him to learn to trust me and to know that I'm always there even if he can't see me.

I bet God says this to me, too. All day and night in fact. Constantly.

When I'm frustrated, worried, losing my patience -- when my husband is out of town and my son wakes up every two hours because he keeps peeing through his diapers and he is getting his first tooth...

God is there saying "Laura, it's ok."

And I am. Just like Sam. I never leave Sam anywhere he would be unsafe. I always make sure he's as comfortable as possible while I run to the bathroom or grab his bottle from the kitchen. I put him down for nap, even though he fusses, because it's best for him.

God does the same thing. He reminds me that I'm safe and secure and in His hands. And even though I may not always see Him or hear Him, he is there, whispering to me always,

"Laura, everything is ok. Your Father is here."

A Royal Daughter

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