22 January 2013

Quick Trip to Ohio

Kyle had yesterday off so we made a quick trip back to Ohio. Although we arrived bug eyed at 3am Saturday morning, putting Sam to bed in the car and driving through the night was perfect.

He got all kinds of love and kisses from Nana and Pops, his great grandparents, uncle and aunts. He met his second cousin who, at 3 weeks, was so tiny. How quickly mommy amnesia sets in. I cannot believe Sam was ever that small!

 photo 2013-01-20173948_zpse02fb475.jpg

It's amazing what a difference 3 months can make. We were mixing up bottles in parking lots, feeding Samuel at rest stops, checking diapers on a bench in McDonald's -- no big deal! But what earned Kyle and I our parenting merit badge this weekend was changing a poopy diaper in the parking lot of a dirty gas station in the middle of the West Virginia mountains. Kyle made sure Sam didn't roll off of the suitcase-turned-changing table as I worked fast and tried to block the wind from my son's bum.

A few things we learned along the way:
- driving through the night was a great way to ensure a happy baby upon arrival
- try to stick to your child's routine as best you can, even if you have to tell grandma that snuggles can continue later, it's time for baby's nap
- resist the urge to pack everything in your child's wardrobe -- i took lots of bibs and the bare minimum clothes since we did laundry
- sometimes you just have to listen to them cry a little bit, like when they've filled their pants at the most inconvenient point on the highway

What tips do you have for road-tripping with your babes?

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