05 February 2013

God's Grace in the Everyday

* I wrote this months ago and am just finding it now. Update, made recipe again and it was a success!*

These past few days have not been my best.

I threw away rotten strawberries, 4 bad peaches, and half a loaf of moldy bread.
And I ruined dinner. Right out of the get go, my crock pot beef stroganoff down the drain.

Kyle and I are entering a season where money is tighter than we've ever experienced, and although we are fully provided for and not stretched too thin, there isn't too much wiggle room for rotten fruit or ruined dinners.

As I stood in the kitchen in my nightgown (obviously), crying while I read the recipe that clearly showed my curdle-worthy error, trying to not feel like a failure, I had to really muster up the strength to give myself grace.

And I could only do that because He gave it to me first.

My husband gives me grace. My friends do. My family.

Why is it so hard for myself to soften and let grace in?

I love what Lisa Leonard shared here. While it hits on different topics that what I was experiencing in my kitchen, it really hits my heart hard thinking about the phrase "by grace alone."

So how do you show yourself grace? Are there areas where you need to show yourself a bit more grace? 

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