15 January 2013

Things Have Been Happening...

I know I've been quietly lately, but trust me, things have been happening around here.

I've just been busy living in it, you know?

And it's been wonderful.


- I'm loving every minute with my little man. He is such a sweet boy with such a personality. I just love watching him and learning all I can about who he is.

- I sure love clean, fluffy diapers. Cloth diapering is going so well. I just love it! Such a great choice for our family. Thinking about it? I'd love to chat and share my thoughts!

- I'm getting ready to reopen my shop on Valentine's Day! Some new products and, of course, some old favorites.

- I've been trying hard to eat better and find a healthy rhythm. Not because it's a New Year's resolution, not because I don't quite fit into my skinny jeans, but because my son deserves a healthy mom who passes on a healthy lifestyle.

- Sam's three-month birth-a-versary has found us with a great feeding and sleeping routine, quality play time, and precious moments where I can spend taking a break. It's amazing what quiet time can do for a mommas spirit.

What else has been going on?
- I'm reading a wonderful book called Bringing Up Bebe. I am finding such powerful notions on parenthood and can really relate.
- I've joined a women's bible study at church. The first week taking Sam was a bit dicey, but last week went great. Here's to another week where I can spend more time listening to God's word than bouncing a baby in the hallway.
- Sam has his first real play date tomorrow. Oh boy! I am so excited to spend time getting to know other moms and little ones.
- If you follow me on Twitter you may have read that I accidentally turned on the dryer when our cat was cuddled up in it. She's ok! In my defense she has never, ever even gone near the thing. I heard something funny as soon as I turned it on. I quickly opening it and out jumped Jupiter, a bit confused and fluffy, but otherwise unharmed. I called Kyle and told him that I wouldn't be surprised if we found her by the door with her litter box and a little stick and tiny bandana waiting to hitch a ride to a more deserving family.

So, what's happening with you?

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  1. I'm so glad that life is going so well. Happy to hear it. I'm also looking forward to checking out that book. Just read the synopsis and it sounds great.


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